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blast resistant windows

Certified systems for absorbing
high level blast threats

Certified systems for absorbing
high level blast threats


Certified glass by
international ballistics laboratories

Certified glass by
international ballistics laboratories


forcible entry doors

High-end systems capabilities,
as was tested by elite units

High-end systems capabilities,
as was tested by elite units

Forced entry

Phoenicia Shield

Phoenicia Shield is an engineering firm focused on security fenestration for protective structures,
capable of producing flat glass and window assemblies.
We provide quality solutions for public building safety and Home Land Security (HLS) needs.

Multi threat window
As pesented at the Bau 2017 exhibition in Munich, Germany.
Resistant for Ballistic / Forced entry / Blast / fire threats. Complies with the highest standards.

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Our process

Phoenicia Shield is a one-stop shop for security windows / doors / facades.
Phoenicia Shield’s product design is based on proven capabilities and certified by field tests.


  • Analyzing threat levels established by security advisors

  • Advising on potential solutions and implementation

Project management

  • Projects are led by an experienced project manager

  • Supervision and quality control for the entire lifecycle of the product / project

Designing Solutions

  • Designing elements that follow the architectural concept
    of the building

  • Engineering elements from various materials to meet threat specifications


Certifying products, based on needs and specifications:

  • Blast field arena testing

  • Shock tube

  • Theoretical analysis

  • In-house ballistics laboratory


  • Production of glass and windows at Phoenicia Shield's production sites

  • Cooperation with leading system suppliers


  • On-site installation by Phoenicia Shield's team

  • Full responsibility and presence ensuring quality project delivery


  • Project delivery according to customer specifications

  • Warranty for products and installation

security glass windows
security windows
bulletproof glass
Ballistic lab certifications


French Diplomatic Campus

Abuja, Nigeria

Israeli Embassy

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Jewish Center

Vienna, Austria

Ben-Gurion Airport


'Intel' facilities


The Knesset - Israeli Parliament

Jerusalem, Israel

President residence

Jerusalem, Israel

Prime Minister residence

Jerusalem, Israel


  • Certified for blast load of 160 Psi, impulse of 350 Psi/msec.

  • Field test experience with 1000 Kg ANFO, 25m distance.

  • Unique proprietary blast resistance mechanism.

  • In-house ballistics / blast / forced entry resistance window designs.

  • Glass / aluminum / steel design capabilities.


  • Blast resistance standards:
    EN 13123/1-2 (ER1-4), GSA-TS01-2003, ISO 16933.

  • Ballistic resistance:
    EN1063, STANAG 4569 AEP55, NIJ 01.08, ATPD 2352.

  • Forced entry resistance:
    DIN EN 1627-1630 in accordance with DIN EN 3561.


  • Curtain wall

  • Fix

  • Kip

  • Open & out

  • Tilt & turn

  • Parallel kip

  • Door open in / out

  • Sliding door


  • Ministries, public and local authorities

  • Police

  • Courts

  • Embassies and consulates

  • Security properties

  • Airports

  • Museums, opera houses, palaces

  • Private entities

  • Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries

security glass windows
bullet proof windows
bullet proof glass windows
bullet resistant windows
blast resistant doors 

About us


Phoenicia Shield integrates extensive knowledge and experience in security fenestration with advanced production and installation capabilities.
Phoenicia Shield is a joint venture of two leading companies in the fenestration sector:

Phoenicia Shield’s team has significant experience in various projects, based on Israeli security demands, both locally and internationally.

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